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business development

Centralize your relationships

Data partnerships are vital to accelerating your ability to innovate. These relationships take a long time to source, longer yet to implement, and offer little chance to change your strategy midstream. Narrative gives you a single platform of record to simplify the data partnership lifecycle.

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How Narrative helps business development


Multiple partners, one contract

Manage all of your partnership through a single interface

Full transparency allows you to negotiate your own terms

price tags

Powerful pricing

Support for various pricing models (fix monthly rate, cost per observation, etc.)

Price simulations ensure a coherent pricing strategy


Easy integrations

Save your data engineers' time—just one integration and you're connected to all your partners at once

user interface

Simplified management

Manage all of your commercial terms in one place

Daily reporting lets you measure the effectiveness of your strategy

Manage all of your data partnerships in one place

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