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Narrative for business intelligence

Make better informed decisions

As an analyst, you're responsible for helping your business make better decisions, but often your first party data doesn't suffice—leaving you in the dark. Put simply, you don’t know what you don’t know. Narrative gives you easy access to external data sets to help you answer the big questions.

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How Narrative helps Analysts

Enhance your customer records

  • Enrich your customer records with their activities beyond your walls
  • Records can be pushed to your existing systems (CRM, CDP, DMP, Data Warehouse)

Better understand your competitors

  • Paint a clear picture of your competitive landscape.
  • Conquest those users across your paid marketing channels.

See the big picture

  • Tie disparate data sets together for a 360 view.

Raw data

  • 100% declared or observed.
  • No aggregation or inference.
  • Dozens of data types / attributes.

Start making better informed decisions

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