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Narrative pricing

Pricing is based on data processed, stored, transferred, and transacted.

Simple, flexible pricing options

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Simple usage-based pricing means you don't get locked into big contracts.


Committed-use discounts

Talk with our sales team about deeper discounts when you commit to usage.

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Start your data collaboration for FREE with 50 GB Processing & 10 GB Storage


Best for small teams and moderate use with the option to scale

Processing $0.65 per GB
Storage $0.10 per GB
Transfer $1.50 per GB
Transaction Services Fee 25%
Professional Services $150 per hour


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For large teams, ongoing projects and serious workloads

Professional Services
Access to Product Team
Custom contracts & invoicing


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Data Acquisition

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Create and order custom datasets tailored to your needs.

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Data Monetization

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Onboard your data and create new data products in minutes.

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