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Narrative releases software to enable direct integration with The Trade Desk via Unified ID 2.0

Brands, retailers, and other data providers will be able to easily create addressable audiences to support advertiser campaigns in The Trade Desk platform.

New York, NY, October 27, 2022  -- Narrative, the world's #1 data commerce platform, today announced a new partnership with global advertising technology leader The Trade Desk, enabling organizations to match their first-party data with Unified ID 2.0 and make them available for use by advertisers on The Trade Desk platform.

An industry-wide approach to identity for the open internet, Unified ID 2.0 (UID2) allows users to create an identifier from hashed and salted email addresses in an effort to maintain the value exchange of the internet, while aiming to equip consumers with upgraded privacy controls.

"Narrative's data commerce platform makes sharing data accessible, efficient, and secure," said Nick Jordan, founder and CEO of Narrative. "We are proud to also support the next generation of identity solutions in Unified ID 2.0 to maintain a healthy digital media ecosystem. Our partnership with The Trade Desk makes it easier than ever for our mutual customers to create meaningful new revenue streams from the data they collect by enabling them to create valuable, addressable audience segments with just a few clicks."

Narrative's user-friendly, no-code software makes it easy for brands, retailers, and publishers to slice and dice their CRM and behavioral data into new audience segments without needing to know code. With this new partnership, organizations can now activate their first- and third-party audiences on The Trade Desk using UID2 identifiers with just a few clicks.

With Narrative and The Trade Desk, data owners will be able to:

  • Use their first-party data to create valuable audiences and insights for advertisers
  • Match offline data with Unified ID 2.0, without sharing any consumers' personally identifiable information
  • Create precise first- and third-party audiences to merchandise data without needing to know code
  • Seamlessly activate custom audiences on The Trade Desk
  • Build a third-party audience business by making audience segments available to advertisers in The Trade Desk marketplace

"Data-driven advertising is one of the best ways for advertisers to eliminate media waste and drive digital media performance," said Ben Sylvan, GM of Data Partnerships, The Trade Desk. "Through working together with Narrative, we're adding new data partners and audiences to help advertisers maximize their media budgets. Additionally, with Narrative sending those data segments as a UID2s, we are working towards solving for identity across the open internet, making it more privacy-safe for consumers and durable for marketers." 

To learn more about how to use Narrative and The Trade Desk to activate your first-party data, join our webinar on November 16, 2022, at 12:00pm ET.


Narrative is the data commerce platform that makes it easy to buy, sell, and win. Narrative simplifies the buying and selling of information by eliminating the inefficiencies in data transactions that hold businesses back from maximizing the success of their most important data-driven initiatives. Innovative brands and direct-to-consumer companies leverage Narrative's technology to fuel powerful data strategies, build data monetization businesses, power growth marketing, and inform product development. Founded in 2016, Narrative is a private company headquartered in New York City.

The Trade Desk

The Trade Desk™ is a technology company that empowers buyers of advertising. Through its self-service, cloud-based platform, ad buyers can create, manage, and optimize digital advertising campaigns across ad formats and devices. Integrations with major data, inventory, and publisher partners ensure maximum reach and decisioning capabilities, and enterprise APIs enable custom development on top of the platform. Headquartered in Ventura, CA, The Trade Desk has offices across North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific. To learn more, visit thetradedesk.com or follow us on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn and YouTube.

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