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Data Collaboration Platform Pillars

Unlike other data solutions, Narrative's data collaboration platform is focused on fundamental principles that make buying and selling data easier, safer, and more strategic.

Narrative believes that you should own your data strategy and you should have the tools to operate that strategy on your own terms.

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Compliance and privacy need to be at the forefront of any data strategy.  Narrative empowers our customers to be to be diligent, compliant, and nimble in a quickly evolving environment.

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The value you get out of the data is only as good as its quality.  Our data collaboration platform gives you the features that make it easy to find and validate high-quality data no matter your use case.

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Easy access to both buyers or sellers removes the step of having to source them yourself.  Narrative operates a data marketplace that provides both sides with instant opportunities without giving up visibility or control.

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Efficient markets are those where all of the participants have perfect visibility.  Our platform allows for buyers and sellers to have full line of site into who the participants are and the mechanics of the entire Narrative ecosystem.

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Rethink Your Options

Data Brokers

Why outsource your strategy to someone that doesn't have your best interest in mind?

Data brokers are middle-men who participate in the buying and selling, remove transparency and control from both sides of a transaction, and have exorbitant markups on the data.  Narrative serves as a neutral party, we never buy or sell data.  Our data collaboration platform also offers full control and transparency to both sides for them to run their businesses as they see fit.  Additionally are fees are both transparent and let the majority of the value-chain stay with the primary participants.

Internal Build

Why go through the time, effort, and cost of building a solution yourself when a turn-key alternative exists.

Companies often try to build the software needed to efficiently buy and sell data.  Unfortunately, those projects often fail as they are under resourced and the problem set isn't well understood.  Narrative offers a turn-key solution to both buyers and sellers that let them focus on their core business and get the benefit of our years of experience in building purpose driven software to power the data economy.

“Narrative's platform has allowed us to be more nimble with how we build our data strategy. One of the main differentiators that appealed to us was the ability to create custom strategies that span our data science, growth marketing, and consumer insights capabilities."
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