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It's impossible to have a well-executed data strategy without visibility into all of the moving parts

Data Transparency is one of Narrative's pillars.
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Transparency is one of the pillars of Narrative's Data Streaming Platform.  A fully transparent market breeds sustainability and accountability for all of its participants.

Importance of transparency

Narrative believes that any truly strategic initiatives within the enterprise require transparency at their core. An organization that wants to be autonomous and requires data fidelity can only achieve those goals through knowing who they are working with, how the data was collected, and with a direct line of sight into the other participants.

Additionally, as data regulations continue to evolve we think transparency becomes table stakes for participation in the market.

Narrative's Approach

  • Buyers and sellers always know who they are working with and often have relationships outside of the Data Streaming Platform
  • There are never any hidden fees.  Narrative's pricing model as well as the price of the data and services being leveraged are always explained up front.
  • We've build a toolset that goes beyond transparency into the supply chain by offering transparency into data quality and data utility prior to a transaction.

Powerful Transparency Tools

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Of the 100 executives polled by Forrester, 85% complain of lack of visibility into data.
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