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Data Quality

Your strategy is only as good as your data.

The algorithm doesn't matter without data quality.

Specific.  Useful.  Custom. Powerful.

Data Quality is one of the pillars of Narrative's Data Collaboration Platform.  We ensure that the data you access can be trusted.

Importance of data quality

There is an increased importance of data within every company.  Executives are relying on data to make decisions.  Data scientists and data engineers need data to build and deploy their models.  Product managers need data to build out new functionality.

With so much reliance on data to run a business, it is imperative that companies be focused on data quality.  If the data going into the decisions, models, and products isn't high quality, the output is meaningless. 

Narrative's Approach

  • Our platform is fully transparent, which allows for a more diligent approach to data quality.
  • Narrative offers a rich toolset that allows users to find quality data, score data sources, and hand pick the data that is right for the job.
  • We don't take a one-size takes all approach to data quality.  We know that each organization and their data strategy are different.  Narrative empowers our customers to do what is best for their business.
  • Interoperable with third-party data quality solutions.

Powerful Data Quality Tools

Features that ensure your job is easy and the data is pristine

$3.1 Trillion Dollars is the estimated amount of money that poor data quality costs the US every year.
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