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Compliance / Privacy
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Enabling Diligent Data Strategies

Compliance is one of the pillars of Narrative's Data Streaming Platform.  We provide transparency, control, and tools that make it possible for your organization to leverage data without incurring undue risk.

Importance of compliance / privacy

Data specific regulations have been evolving at an incredible pace in recent years.  The regulations are trying to catch up with a digital ecosystem who's mantra has been "Ask for forgiveness, not permission."

The days of companies turning a blind eye to the legal ramifications of their data strategy are a thing of the past.  The modern enterprise now needs to be more diligent with their approach to data governance.  Just as importantly, companies should not go back to the days of operating in a data desert.

Narrative's Approach

  • Narrative's Data Streaming Platform is fully transparent, allowing all participants to apply their own diligence processes and standards.
  • We offer workflows that allow regulatory declarations and acknowledgments to flow between parties.
  • Our platform employs modern technologies and best practices to ensure that data remains safe and secure
  • Narrative can help streamline your approach to GDPR, CCPA, and other privacy-related regulations
  • Our "data sanitization layer" makes sure that you're aren't touching data that violates your organization's best practices.

Powerful Compliance and Privacy Tools

Take control of data compliance

Privacy is such a vital ingredient to organizational success, both to protect data and foster innovation.
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