Data Liquidity

Easy access to data supply and demand.

Buying and selling data is point and click with Narrative's Data Marketplace
Data Marketplace
Supply and demand at your fingertips.

Point & click data acquisition and monetization

Liquidity is one of the pillars of Narrative's Data Streaming Platform.  Our data marketplace offers easy access to both buyers and sellers.

Importance of liquidity

Easy access to supply and demand is essential for any data platform. While not all data will be bought and sold through a marketplace -- many deals will be direct -- an easy to access marketplace removes barriers to entry for participants to test out new strategies quickly and over time allows for broad participation in the data monetization market.

Narrative's Approach

  • Narrative's Data Streaming Platform includes a data marketplace where raw data can be licensed through an easy to use interface
  • Narrative itself doesn't buy or sell data.  We act as a neutral third-party between participants, creating trust around the data transaction
  • Both buyers and sellers set their own rules as to how they'll participate in the marketplace.
  • Each side retains full control and trasparency.

Powerful Liquidity Tools

Making it easy to acquire and monetize data

Data flow in our so-called Information Age is broken. This makes data acquisition an unnecessarily costly task and at the same time is a huge missed opportunity for data owners who often sit on mountains of unutilized or underutilized data — lose-lose.

Okay, let's do this!

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