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Data Autonomy

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Your data strategy should be as unique as your business.

Autonomy is one of the pillars of Narrative's Data Collaboration Platform.  Our software lets you create custom strategies based on what is best for your business.  Define custom data sets, set your own price, and pick your own partners.

Importance of autonomy

With the increased importance of data within the enterprise, companies need a system of record to manage their data strategy. With ownership of the system of record and with tools that ease the operational burden of buying or selling data, companies gain the autonomy that lets them control their data strategy instead of outsourcing it to firms whose incentives may be misaligned. Narrative empowers companies by giving them the tools they need to retain strategic control without undue operational overhead.

Narrative's Approach

  • Narrative is neither a buyer or seller of data.  We build the tools that enable both buyers and sellers to operate their strategy based on their specific requirements
  • Both buyers and sellers can set their own prices, including the ability to do private deals with preferred partners.
  • Our entire stack was built to streamline and automate the decisions each organization has to make about their data strategy.
  • Take the details of your data deals out of contracts and code and put them into a system of record.

Powerful Autonomy Tools

Features that give you back control of your data strategy

How a company’s data strategy changes in direction and velocity will be a function of its overall strategy, culture, competition, and market.
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