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Narrative for Data Monetization

Unlock the value of your data

Set up and scale your data monetization business without adding headcount.

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Your data monetization system of record

Everyone thinks that selling their data is going to be "free money." In reality, data monetization is a lot more complicated than it looks on paper. Narrative takes all of the legwork out of setting up your data business while leaving you in control of one of your most strategic assets.

How it works



Integrate your data into the Narrative platform with minimal engineering.



Customize orders, access robust analytics and manage everything in one place.



Fulfill orders, view revenue reports and maintain relationships with partners.

Data marketplace

Access instant demand for data on your own terms.

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Data distribution

Streamlined integrations free up your engineering team to work on the big problems instead.

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Yield management

Make informed pricing decision based on market conditions.

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Order management

Manage your data partners, orders, and billing through an intuitive interface.

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Make your data business a data-driven business with constantly updated reports.

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Standardize data licensing terms and simplify compliance due diligence.


Unlock the value of your data.

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