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Mobile app usage data overview

Online content is virtually limitless—from apps, to buying and selling goods and services, playing games, reading news, texting and visual communication—there really is no shortage of Internet content. Digital consumption data captures and reveals these online behaviors, which can lead to deep insight into consumer interests, preferences and patterns. This data can help you make more informed business decisions, improve predictive models, or make accurate targeting decisions.

Mobile app usage data dictionary

Consumption type

The category of the digital consumption:

  • pview: Browser-based pageview
  • app_open: Native application being opened
  • app_action: User action within native application
  • app_present: Native application is currently installed
  • app_install: Native application being installed
  • app_uninstall: Native application being uninstalled
  • iap: Purchase occurred inside the native application
  • social_share: Represents someone sharing the resource
  • social_comment: Represents a comment left in a social context
Always present
Uniform resource identifier (URI)

Identifies the source (such as a URL or location within an app) where the event was collected

Always present
ID A unique identifier for a device or user. This can depend on the platform as well as the point of origin for the ID. One user is typically associated with multiple IDs: the mobile ad ID from their smartphone, hashes of their emails, browser cookies from various websites, etc. The full ID contains both an ID type and an ID value, separated by a colon. Common types of IDs include email hashes (sha1_email, md5_email) and mobile IDs (idfa, adid). Always present

The time the observation or data event occurred, expressed as milliseconds from January 1, 1970

Always present
Company ID

A unique identifier for the partner that the data was sourced from

Always present

The referring URL passed in from an HTTP call. Roughly the resource accessed before the one represented in the current event.

IP address

IP address of a given device

User agent

A string representing the device the event was collected on

Country code

A2 (ISO) country code


Carrier or mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that the phone belongs to

Device alias

Device make and model


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