Location data

Location data gives you the precise latitude, longitude, and points of interest as observed via GPS and beacons.

Narrative makes it easy to discover and buy the location data you need to feed your models, develop new insights, and improve decision making.

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Location data overview

The places people go and their interests are intricately connected. As a result, location data can tell you a lot about the preferences of individuals and groups. For example, location data can provide insights to help with targeted advertising, investment decisions, and commercial real-estate planning. Wherever people go in the real world provides powerful signals that help data buyers and sellers understand where their customers are, who they are, and what they may want. And wherever you go, there you are.

Location data dictionary


The WGS84 latitude and longitude of a given device

Always present

The time of the observation or data event, expressed as milliseconds from January 1, 1970

Always present
Company ID

A unique identifier for the partner that the data was sourced from.

Always present
ID A unique identifier for a device or user. This can depend on the platform as well as the point of origin for the ID. One user is typically associated with multiple IDs: the mobile ad ID from their smartphone, hashes of their emails, browser cookies from various websites, etc. The full ID contains both an ID type and an ID value, separated by a colon. Common types of IDs include email hashes (sha1_email, md5_email) and mobile IDs (idfa, adid). Always present
Location accuracy

Represents how accurate the provided location is

IP address

IP address of a given device

Point of interest

A specific point location that someone may find useful or interesting


Represents the number of meters from sea level the observation occurred

User agent

A string representing the device the event was collected on

Country code

A2 (ISO) country code

GPS speed

The current speed of the device in meters per second

App focus

Represents if the data was collected passively in the background without user intervention


Carrier or mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that the phone belongs to


Data partners









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