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Digital identity data

Find and access digital identity data, such as mobile ad IDs, hashed emails, and cookies, to feed your models, develop new insights, and improve decision making.

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Digital identity data overview

Identity, especially online, well, it’s complicated. People use multiple devices and exhibit different behaviors on each. For example, behavior like browsing on a phone and making a related purchase on a tablet creates a lot of data. Add cookies, email addresses, and device IDs to the mix, and it can be tough to consistently identify consumer interests or behavior. ID mapping ties different identifiers together to help give you clear picture of consumer interest across multiple channels and devices.


Data Providers

143 billion


449 billion


Digital identity data dictionary

ID 1 A unique identifier for a device or user. This can depend on the platform as well as the point of origin for the ID. One user is typically associated with multiple IDs: the mobile ad ID from their smartphone, hashes of their emails, browser cookies from various websites, etc. The full ID contains both an ID type and an ID value, separated by a colon. Common types of IDs include email hashes (sha1_email, md5_email) and mobile IDs (idfa, adid). Always present
ID 2 An additional identifier deterministically matched to another unique identifier Always present
Company ID

A unique identifier for the partner that the data was sourced from

Always present
IP address

IP address of a given device


The time the observation or data event occurred, expressed as milliseconds from January 1, 1970

Country code

A2 (ISO) Country Code.


Represents a downstream source of data—a consistent identifier of where the data was originated


Data partners









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