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Device characteristic data

Find device characteristic data to feed your models, develop new insights, and improve decision making.

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52 billion

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Device characteristic data overview

Data associated with a device such as content, carrier and service provider information, and hardware information.

Device characteristic data dictionary

ID A unique identifier for a device or user. This can depend on the platform as well as the point of origin for the ID. One user is typically associated with multiple IDs: the mobile ad ID from their smartphone, hashes of their emails, browser cookies from various websites, etc. The full ID contains both an ID type and an ID value, separated by a colon. Common types of IDs include email hashes (sha1_email, md5_email) and mobile IDs (idfa, adid). Always present
Timestamp The time of the observation or data event, expressed as milliseconds from January 1, 1970 Always present
IP address

IP address of a given device

User agent

A string representing the device the event was collected on

Country code

A2 (ISO) country code

Carrier Carrier or mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that the phone belongs to Optional
Device alias

Device make and model


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