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Demographic data

Find demographic data to feed your models, develop new insights, and improve decision making.

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Demographic data overview

Characteristics like age and gender are important indicators of interests and needs. These demographic details also reveal different needs, behaviors, and how we respond to messages in the marketplace of ideas and commerce.

Data that tracks and reveals differences or similarities among age groups or genders can be powerful and accurate indicators of interest and intent. This data helps you better understand your real or potential customers, which improves your ability to target, reach, and engage consumers with relevant messaging.


Data Providers

9 billion


801 million

Mobile Ad IDs and hashed emails

Data dictionary


Declared age of a given user from account registration or survey

Gender Declared gender of a given user from account registration or survey

A unique identifier for a device or user. This can depend on the platform as well as the point of origin for the ID. One user is typically associated with multiple IDs: the mobile ad ID from their smartphone, hashes of their emails, browser cookies from various websites, etc. The full ID contains both an ID type and an ID value, separated by a colon. Common types of IDs include email hashes (sha1_email, md5_email) and mobile IDs (idfa, adid).

Company ID

A unique identifier for the partner that the data was sourced from


The time the observation or data event occurred, expressed as milliseconds from January 1st, 1970.

Country code A2 (ISO) country code

Represents a downstream source of data—a consistent identifier of where the data was originated

Data partners












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