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Everything you need to start selling data

Launching a data business has never been easier, faster, or more scalable. Generate new revenue streams by monetizing the data you already own.


Your end-to-end data monetization solution

You know the data you collect is valuable, and other companies would pay good money for it. But building and maintaining your own data business takes significant time and resources.

With Data Shops, you can launch a custom-branded ecommerce data storefront in no time at all.



Transform your raw data into standardized datasets that allow for easy packaging and delivery.



Easily bundle your data into customizable data products.



Leverage automations and reports to grow your business and deliver a best-in-class customer experience.


Ingestion without the complication

Intelligent data import

Just upload your datasets (in any format), and we’ll handle the validation, cleaning, and storage.

Standardization, solved

Automatically match new datasets to the data products already in your store, no matter the source.

Speedy supply

New datasets are available in your store in hours, not weeks.


Give ’em what they want. Get what you need.

Create new products with ease

Use advanced filters and tools to create custom data products that meet your customers’ needs.

Maintain control

Set access rules and licensing terms to specify who can use your data and how they can use it.

White-label storefront

Create a self-service storefront customized to fit your brand. No design experience needed.


Exceptional experiences, ensured

Data delivery without difficulty

Narrative automates the fulfillment and delivery of data products to your customers. You don’t even have to lift a finger.

Customer relationships, managed

A comprehensive dashboard allows you to monitor sales, communicate with customers, and analyze reports, all in one place.

Access instant demand

Improve the discoverability of your data by making it available in the Narrative Data Streams Marketplace.

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"Data Shops has made it easy for us to spin up an e-commerce store that showcases AdImpact's advertising intelligence data. The turnkey, end-to-end data monetization experience opens up an entirely new channel for us to deliver data to customers."

- Dwight Green, Chief Business Officer at AdImpact

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"Data users are only as good as the data they are aware of and can access. With Data Shops, we can more easily connect users with a variety of quality data they may not have otherwise found, giving them the ability to identify the right data for their analytic mission and to us, that is both exciting and important."

- Dave Kelly, CEO at AnalyticsIQ


“Data Shops is an important part of our data monetization strategy, providing options that go well beyond traditional listings on data marketplaces today. Data Shops allows us to build an entirely new revenue stream, while retaining full control of our licensing terms and who gets access to our data.”

- Brian Hogan, President, Data Solutions at Fluent


“ Narrative’s Data Shops is the first solution we’ve found that is committed to frictionless transactions that provide data on the client’s terms, and easy iteration of new product types to identify unmet demand.”

- Mark Brosso, CEO at PurpleLab

Why choose Data Shops?


It's fast

Accelerate time to market. You could spend a year building out the infrastructure for a data business internally. Or you could start monetizing your data by tomorrow.


It's easy

Without writing a single line of code, you can ingest your data, create new products, build an e-commerce website, and automatically deliver data to customers.


It's safe

Selling data doesn’t have to mean losing control of it. Set access rules and licensing terms to specify who can use your data and how they can use it.

See them in action

Don't just take our word for it. Take a look at some real-life Data Shops yourself.

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