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Amidst a global tightening of data privacy regulations, Killi brings together first-party, compliant data and companies increasingly realizing that marketing rooted in ethical data is the only way forward. Data innovation in some ways has become stale, and consent is inferred through reading content or accessing apps - what’s lacking in the marketplace is customer inclusion. Killi is entering the market with differentiated data and is launching with premium data partners in the ecosystem. Narrative operates a data streaming platform that centralizes and simplifies the buying and selling of data with both software and a raw data marketplace.

What is Fair Trade data exactly? Killi provides consumers direct compensation for the use of their data. This Fair-Trade Data drives the responsible purchase, sale, and marketing of media. Our end users control which pieces of their personal data they are willing to share and we engage them often to ingest new innovative data sets. For end buyers, surfacing innovative data sets that respond with what consumers are feeling is important, but beyond that when you include consumers in the transaction, we are able to attract precise, intimate data sets that you won’t see with other data suppliers.

In addition to making Fair Trade Audiences available, Killi helps companies prepare for iOS 14 privacy changes and cookies becoming obsolete by offering pre-packaged MAID-email-unique ID pairings with additional data parameters to fuel brands’ marketing efforts. We offer competitive pricing and even monthly subscription to help partners acquire more of their soon to be unidentified users.

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