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With more than 1 billion devices globally, Complementics is a leader in the mobile data offering space.

Complementics provides access to location data, geofencing, cross-device data, and device ID matched to cookie ID. 

With deep data insights from Complementics, you can get cross device data, app segmentation, probabilistic matching and deterministic matching to get specific mobile audience data to help you make better choices for ad or content delivery. 

Complementics' Mobile Audiences products span the U.S., Europe, and APAC, while offering a host of geofencing options and specific audience profiles.

Complementics is more than just a whole lot of data. In addition to their deep and rich dataset, they provide cross-device technology (device ID matched to a cookie ID) and comprehensive app segmentation such as apps that fall into categories like travel, ecommerce, dating, weather, maps, etc.

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