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Data is essential to improving ROI. The more robust the data, the better the results. Data is at the core of what Claritas does. Nobody knows more about the American consumer than Claritas.

Claritas' unmatched breadth of unique, high-quality data together with their proprietary Identity Graph unifies data into intelligence you can act on, making their data an invaluable resource to anyone wanting to make their marketing dollars do more. Patented processes, unmatched accuracy, and more than 50 years of proven experience, is why they're the most trusted data experts in the industry. The Claritas Identity Graph can connect over 255 million consumers to over 600 million devices, enabling your ability to build high-def, privacy safe profiles of who you should engage with and the best ways to do it, critical to delivering higher ROI.

Industry-leading data insights available through Narrative include:

  • Demographics: Age, income, education, household composition, wealth, home ownership and more.
  • Lifestyle Behaviors: Shopping, financial, insurance, technology, media, energy and more.
  • Multicultural Behaviors: 30MM households, 130MM consumers, ethnicity, acculturation, language at home, lifestyle, consumer behaviors and more.
  • Purchase Behaviors: Tech adoption, device ownership, service provider, likelihood to switch, restaurant & retail preferences, media consumption, financial (wealth, credit indicators, products, home value, etc.), automotive and more.
  • Business Data: Comprehensive data includes demographic and employees counts for prospect list creation, segmentation development, sales territory optimization and more.
  • Segmentation: Understand more about your customers and find high-value prospects with the industry’s most adopted segmentation solutions – PRIZM® Premier, P$YCLE® Premier, ConneXions® and CultureCode®.
  • Profiles & Audiences: Utilize more than 8,000+ behavior-based profiles and audiences to reach consumers most likely to buy or use specific products or services.
  • Identifiers: Email, postal address, digital IDs, social IDs, mobile app IDs, IP address
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