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What is a
data commerce platform?


The data broker model is broken

If you’re a company looking for additional sources of information to fuel your data-driven initiatives, a data broker may seem like an attractive choice. They collect a wide variety of data from a range of online and offline sources, then aggregate it together and sell it to you in a convenient package.

The issue is that the incentives for data brokers and data buyers are misaligned. Data brokers want to sell as much data as possible to as many customers as possible, so they treat their customers all the same, sacrificing specificity and quality for a subpar product that satisfies only the lowest common denominator.

Under this model, buyers end up paying way too much for a lot of data of questionable quality that they don’t even need. They have to adapt their strategies to the data they’re given, rather than getting the specific data to fit their strategic needs.

A data-driven world requires a new approach

But in today’s data-driven world, winners and losers are determined by their ability to successfully leverage data to meet strategic goals. Using subpar, undifferentiated data will only lead to subpar, undifferentiated results.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

A data commerce platform is the solution

A data commerce platform cuts out the data broker by connecting data users to data originators directly, and gives them the tools, automations, and workflows to make data transactions transparent, fast, and cost-effective.

Take control of your data strategy with a single platform from Narrative.

Narrative’s Data Commerce Platform enables data owners and users to transparently and efficiently work directly with each other.

The Narrative Data Commerce Platform simplifies the buying and selling of information by eliminating the inefficiencies in data transactions that hold businesses back from maximizing the success of their most important data-driven initiatives.


What makes us different?


Ensure that the data you access meets your standards, whatever they may be


Know exactly who you’re working with and how the data was collected


Easily access new supply and demand for a more agile and accessible data strategy

Privacy & Compliance

Be diligent, compliant, and nimble in a quickly evolving environment


Own your data strategy entirely with end-to-end control of inputs and outputs

Take control of your data strategy with the
data commerce platform powered by Narrative.

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Narrative for Data Acquisition

Narrative’s data acquisition solution makes it easy to find, buy, and activate the data you need, when you need it. We focus on streamlining data acquisition, so you can focus on driving business results.

Access & Discover

Easily find the data you need with manual and automated discovery tools.

Manage & Optimize

Customize orders, access robust analytics, and manage everything in one place.

Execute & Activate

Send the data to your existing platforms and applications without complex integrations or lag times.

Narrative for Data Monetization

Narrative’s data monetization solution simplifies the packaging, pricing, and management of your data monetization efforts while keeping you in control.

Turnkey Revenue

Instantly access demand for your data—no data bake-offs or negotiations required.

Minimal Engineering

With one streamlined integration, your engineering team is free to work on other, more important things.

Centralized Management

Manage your data partners, orders, and billing, all in one place.

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Take control of your data strategy with the Narrative data commerce platform

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