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Acquire, monetize, and share data with a data collaboration platform.

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Disjointed data is holding you back

Organizations today are sitting on troves of valuable data, spread across applications and ecosystems, each with their own unique formatting.

The proliferation of complex and diverse data formats makes it expensive and time-consuming for businesses to extract greater business value from their data.


Unlock the full potential of data

To realize the full value of data, organizations must be able to easily and quickly find, access, and integrate the data they need when they need it.

Data collaboration platforms reduce the complexity of accessing and distributing data and enable seamless, secure data sharing between parties.


How a data collaboration
platform works

A data collaboration platform simplifies and reduces the effort required to combine and analyze data from multiple sources.


A data collaboration platform makes data consistent and uniform regardless of source


With consistent data formatting, you can easily filter, combine, and package data from multiple sources


Send data anywhere you or your partners need it

What is a data collaboration platform used for?

Combine and analyze data from external sources

Data collaboration platforms make it incredibly simple to find and access external data in a fast, secure, and cost-effective way.

Discover new data sources

Find relevant data from third parties

Enrich first-party data

Enhance your records by appending new information

Accelerate time to value

Get the data you need, when you need it—not 2 months later

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Generate revenue from the data you collect

Data collaboration platforms open up new revenue streams with tools to help you package, market, and distribute data.

Create data products

Slice and dice raw data with just a few clicks

Reach new customers

Get your data in front of high-intent customers who are looking for what you’re selling

Make data access self-serve

Let your engineers focus on more important tasks

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Share data across lines of business

Data collaboration platforms break down internal silos and enable teams and departments to work together.

Build a data-driven organization

Enable employees to leverage data to support their work

Improve productivity

No need to wait on a colleague to process your request

Put your data to work

Leverage your data to its full extent

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The benefits of a data collaboration platform


Extract more value from data

Data collaboration platforms help you unlock new insights, make data-driven decisions, and open up new revenue streams.


Optimize costs and streamline operations

Data collaboration platforms provide on-demand data discovery and access, and eliminate the need for costly and time-consuming data wrangling.


Adapt to changes in strategy

As priorities change and new opportunities arise, data collaboration platforms allow you to change your data strategy without downtime.

How to choose a data collaboration platform

Choosing the right data collaboration platform for your organization is a big decision. You need to know the use cases you want to solve and what capabilities are most important to you.

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Your data collaboration platform should enable you to easily access and deliver data from different ecosystems, platforms, and data formats.


Your data collaboration platform should be accessible for non-technical users.


You should be able to tailor your data collaboration platform to your specific needs and processes, not the other way around.

Data collaboration success stories

Learn how other companies have used data collaboration platforms and the results they’ve seen.

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Improve the ROI of your data acquisition efforts

Traditional methods of finding and acquiring data are riddled with inefficiencies and bottlenecks that drive up costs and cut into the returns of your data-driven initiatives. A data collaboration platform eliminates many of these hidden costs and helps you maximize returns.

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Everything you need to know about monetizing data

Monetizing your proprietary data assets can be a lucrative stream of new revenue for your organization. By using a data collaboration platform, you can start a data business at a fraction of the time and cost it would take to build one from scratch.

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