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How a global food & beverage company used Narrative to win new customers

Narrative makes it easy to centralize global data acquisition to engage and win new customers across global markets

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The Challenge

A multinational food and beverage corporation wanted to understand customer shopping patterns at thousands of global retail locations. They needed to buy location data to understand foot traffic patterns in each of these retail locations.

Their third-party data acquisition strategy relied on one-to-one relationships where each department in any given country was acquiring data from different data brokers. All these disparate datasets meant that their data science teams were spending a significant amount of time normalizing and deduplicating the data they received. Management teams had limited oversight on budgets and resource allocation across each market making it difficult to manage each budget.

This fragmented strategy was costing the company thousands of dollars per month in unnecessary data costs and hundreds of hours per month normalizing and deduplicating data. The company needed a way to consolidate third-party data acquisition with normalized datasets, global location data at scale, and real-time reporting.

The Solution

To consolidate their data acquisition strategy, the company decided to leverage Narrative Data Studio. With Data Studio, the company was able to acquire custom datasets tailored to their specific requirements and access real-time data acquisition reports in each market for management teams.

The company began acquiring location data utilizing Data Studio’s tools to optimize and consolidate the process. Using Data Studio, the company transformed a list of 8,000 retail locations into 8,000 polygons outlining the footprint of each store. They then set up a subscription to automatically acquire location signals from mobile devices that entered these specified polygons. Additional filters were applied including location accuracy and frequency to ensure data quality.

The Results

The result was a pre-filtered, deduplicated dataset delivered in 24 hours. The data teams were able to implement it immediately, and the management teams had real-time insight into the data costs. As an active subscription, the company continues to receive a daily delivery of location data for all location signals in the 8,000 polygons based on their specific accuracy and frequency requirements. This enables the data teams to remain agile and extract insights into consumer behavior in real-time to engage and acquire new customers. 

By leveraging Data Studio, the company was able to access data from dozens of location data providers, transform retail locations into polygons for foot traffic analysis, and receive a custom dataset in 24 hours. As the company continues to build out their data acquisition strategy across the globe, their data costs have remained at or below budget month over month. This budget control has enabled them to layer on additional data packages acquiring custom datasets from age, gender, digital consumption, device characteristics, and identity mapping, all available on Narrative Data Studio.


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