We are looking for talented people to help as we design and develop solutions that allow people to find, access and use data in a new, simpler way.


At Narrative, you’ll receive a competitive salary, generous benefits package and healthy workplace culture.


Our career makes up a big part of our life. Spending a large part of the day at work, we believe that it should be time well spent; productive and with purpose. Equity packages, working from home and flexible vacation are just some of the ways we want to ensure a good work-life balance.


Modern companies use data to effectively run their businesses and using data requires transparency. Therefore, Narrative believes in radical transparency within the workplace as well. A company building and sharing knowledge can work smarter and faster.

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Our engineering team develops solutions that enable our customers to realize their goals. We invest in modern tools and are not afraid to pursue bold new product ideas.

Partner Success

Partner Success’ goal is to ensure that current and potential customers obtain the maximum benefit from Narrative’s platforms.

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